Monthly Archives: September 2011

Weather Keeps BWCAW Fire From Growing

Wet weather in northeastern Minnesota over the weekend helped firefighters in their battle with the Pagami Creek fire which raced across the Boundary Waters last week and continues to threaten the area.Continue Reading

As BWCAW Fire Slows, Recriminations Flare

After a second day in which weather conditions allowed a growing team of firefighters to hold ground against the fire burning in the Boundary Waters, frustration over the Forest Service’s initial response to the blaze has flared.Continue Reading

Weather Slows Advance of BWCAW Fire

Cooler weather on Wednesday that included rain and even some snow showers helped slow the advance of the Pagami Creek fire in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness which has consumed more than 100,000 acres of forest.Continue Reading

Pagami Creek Fire Nearly Quadruples in Size

Fanned by gusty northwest winds, the Pagami Creek Fire nearly quadrupled in size yesterday, charring Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness forest from Lakes One and Two in the north to just north of Clearwater Lake in the south.Continue Reading

Burning Used to Reduce Fire Danger

Superior National Forest officials are using intentional burns to reduce the danger posed by a small, lightening ignited fire near Lake One and Lake Two in the Boundary Waters east of Ely, Minnesota.Continue Reading

State Mineral Lease Sale Delayed Again

A council of top Minnesota government officials has again delayed the sale of a set of northeastern Minnesota mineral exploration leases on properties where the state holds the mineral rights but private individuals own the surface land.Continue Reading

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