Mining in Minnesota: Ely’s Steve Piragis Offers His Take on Keeping Wilderness Pristine

As northwoods mining takes center stage on the economic and environmental stages, a long time land use debate is resurfacing among neighbors who make Ely, MN their home. Steve Piragis, owner of Piragis Northwoods Company, is no stranger to that debate. He and his wife have run their shop and guide service since 1979.

“Living up north, especially in Ely, is always interesting. It seems we have learned to live together in a place where opinions on land use issues are about as polarized as those on abortion,” Steve wrote this week. He addressed the issue of mining in a guest commentary on Minnesota Public Radio’s web site.

Piragis argues for vigilance, believing that the continued success for his business and all outdoor outfitters requires two things: a pristine wilderness, and a public who believes that wilderness is pristine. He makes some compelling and interesting points in his commentary, which you can read HERE. (Photo by Steve Piragis)

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