Moose Hunting Success Rate Climbs

Despite concerns about the state’s moose population, Minnesota moose hunters had one of the most successful seasons in recent years, with 58% of parties taking an animal.

The Duluth News Tribune has the story HERE.

While the total number of moose hunting permits was reduced roughly 50% from previous years due to concerns over the more than a decade-long decline in the state’s moose population, hunter success in the bulls-only hunt outpaced recent seasons where hunter success ranged between 42% and 52%, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Fifty-four moose were killed in this year’s hunt.

Minnesota Moose Hunt, photo courtesy

Moose permits were issued to 105 parties this year. Eleven parties whose once-in-a-lifetime permits were for areas affected by the Pagami Creek Fire in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, chose the option of declining this year’s hunt in order to hunt again in a future year. Others affected by the fire chose to hunt elsewhere.

The northeastern Minnesota moose population, which was estimated at 8,000 just five years ago, is now thought to number just 4,900 animals.

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