Video: Time Travel in the Boundary Waters

Time moves at a different speed in canoe country. Anybody who has spent an afternoon watching the sky over a lake from a wilderness campsite knows this. The recognition of one’s own insignificance comes not just from being a small human in a big land, but from sensing how our own brief lives are fleeting in comparison to the slow processes of wind and water.

The short video below captures a bit of this feeling. High-definition timelapse shots catches the fluid skies, the hypnotic nature of water rushing over rock, and the vast sense of scale. There are close-ups of the intricacies of lakeside rocks and the forest floor, deliberate studies of a tumbling creek, and epic vistas seen from windblown hills.

The filmmakers at BWCA Adventures say it was shot on a short, cloudy trip to Brule Lake this August. Enjoy.

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