White Pine Sources


Cass Lake Tree Seed
Division of Cass Metal Craft Inc.
P.O. Box 296
Cass Lake, MN 56633
Phone: 218-335-2336
Email: arbaird@charter.net 
Seeds only. White pine, red pine, jack pine, white and black spruce, northern white cedar. Mostly from Chippewa National Forest (Cass Lake area) sources. Possibly the only Zone 4 seeds available. Ask Rick Baird for ideas and details if you work with a non-profit youth program.

Williams Tree Seeds
Bemidji, MN
Phone: 218-751-7957
Contact Carrie Williams


General Andrews Nursery
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
P.O. Box 95 – Seedling Sales
Willow River, MN 55795
Phone: 218-372-3183 or 800-657-3767  
Fax: 218-372-3091
Important to read ALL of their web site before calling or ordering:
Minimum order is 500 seedlings of one species or mixed species in lots of 100 each. Orders are accepted August 15th on for delivery next May. Order early!!! Stock must be planted in Minnesota. Bare root only, both conifers and hardwoods. They will ship to you if needed. Complete list of species and prices on web site. Note: our personal preference for their “transplants” if available, but all their seedlings are tops.

MN County Soil & Water Conservation Districts. Many county soil and water conservation districts in Minnesota purchase seedlings from General Andrews Nursery and resell them to the general public without minimum purchases required on your part. Same great seedlings and transplants. Excellent way to try out your planting skills or to start a reforestry program. Call your local district WELL ahead of time to order. Pickup in early May at your local office. Here are a few numbers:
South St. Louis County S&WC District: 218-723-4867
North St. Louis County S&WC District: 218-283-1174
Koochiching County S&WC District: 218-283-1174

Itasca Greenhouse, Inc.
P.O. Box 273
926385 Blackwater Road
Cohasset, MN 55721
Phone: 800-538-8733 
Email: info@itascagreenhouse.com 
Web site: www.itascagreenhouse.com  
Containerized (plugs) conifers and hardwoods (often available throughout the season), planting products and good source of information and personal help. Contact Bill Sayward.

North Central Reforestation, Inc.
10466 405th Avenue
Evansville, MN 56326
Phone: 218-747-2622 or 877-702-5579
Email: info@ncrtrees.com
Web site: www.ncrtrees.com
Bare root (spring only) bundles of 25. Containerized (plugs) all season. Hardwoods and conifers. Individually bagged plugs for gifts, etc.
Contact Dave and Michelle Olsen.

Chief River Nursery Co.
W8869 River Road
Ojibwa, WI 54862
Phone: 800-367-9254
Fax: 866-226-5204
Email: info@chiefrivernursery.com 
Web site: www.chiefrivernursery.com   
Bare root seedlings and 2 sizes of transplants, spring shipping or pickup only. Conifers and hardwoods + mixed packages. Early bird discounts. Contact Jack and Susie Peterson.

Lee’s Nursery
11880 360th Street SW
Fertile, MN 56540 (northwest MN)
Phone: 218-574-2237 or 800-417-7631
Fax: 218-574-2238
Web site: www.leenursery.com
Minimum order for retail sales. Bare root seedlings and potted stock. Conifers and deciduous.


Hammer Tree Farm
2201 East Flynn Road
Duluth, MN 55804
Phone: 218-525-6109 or 218-724-3277
Deciduous and conifer potted stock.

Lee’s Nursery
11880 360th Street SW
Fertile, MN 56540 (northwest MN)
Phone: 218-574-2237 or 800-417-7631
Fax: 218-574-2238
Web site: www.leenursery.com
Minimum order for retail sales. Bare root seedlings and potted stock. Conifers and deciduous.

Leaning Pines Native Habitat Restoration
3130 South Camp Amnicon Road
South Range, WI 54874
Phone: 715-398-5453
Web site: www.restoreshore.com

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