Atikokan Looks Ahead to Gold Mine

Atikokan, Ontario, the northern gateway community to Quetico Provincial Park, is considering what steps to take to become a gold mining town. Osisko Mining expects to have a gold mine in the Atikokan area, perhaps by 2015.

The Atikokan Progress has an in-depth story on the mine HERE.

Osisko officials met with Atikokan leaders recently to discuss issues the town may face, if a mine employing 450 workers begins operation in the near future. While an actual working mine is years off — and not a certainty — Osisko officials are confident a gold mine will open at Hammond Reef, north of Atikokan.

The hurdles between the company’s aspirations and a working mine include further definition of the mineral resource, drilling for which is currently underway, and the environmental permitting necessary for operation. Osisko is confident in the gold reserves in the area — currently estimated at 6.7 millions ounces — and says permitting should proceed smoothly since the operation isn’t expected to involve heavy metals or dangerous chemicals.

Osisko Mining has information on the mine project HERE.

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