Four Wolves Killed First Day of Hunting

Photo from www.csmonitor.com

Four wolves were reported killed during the first day of hunting in Wisconsin this week. The hunt runs through February but will be ended early if hunters hit the limit of 116 wolves.

The hunt is the first of its kind in the region in decades, and Minnesota follows suit in November. In Michigan, a State subcommittee heard testimony this week on establishing a hunt in 2013.

The Christian Science Monitor reported that in Wisconsin, hunters can lure wolves with bait or snare them with steel leg traps and cable traps. The state had planned to allow the use of dogs once deer season ends. But a Dane County judge issued a temporary injunction after humane societies and environmental groups sued.

As environmental groups scramble to end the hunts, the news is inundated with wolf coverage, debating whether hunters know the difference between coyotes and wolves, and questioning how humane the process will truly be. One thing is clear: the debate over the wolf hunt is just beginning.

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