Lost Bear Cub Found, Reunited with Mother

The bear cub known as Hope, which was separated from its mother over the weekend and feared dead, was found yesterday, hiding in a tree in Eagles Nest township west of Ely.  Researchers were able to successfully reunite the cub with its mother.

The Duluth News-Tribune’s John Myers has the full story HERE.

As we reported earlier, HERE, Hope, who was made famous when her birth was broadcast via web-cam last winter, became separated on Friday from her mother, named Lily, by researchers at the North American Bear Center. The researchers were able to follow Lily’s movements via a radio collar, but not those of her cub.

Researchers feared Hope may have perished during separation, until she was found yesterday. Additional fears were that Lily wouldn’t accept her cub after the separation, but were put to rest after researchers rushed the cub to her mother.

Bear Center chairman Lynn Rogers called the reunion “the most satisfying moment of my 44 years of bear study.”

You can read his full description of the renuion, HERE, on the Bear Center web site.

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