Moose Advisory Committee Releases Report

gunflint-moose3A Moose Advisory Committee charged with making recommendations for the management of Minnesota’s moose population released its report yesterday. Findings will be incorporated into a Minnesota DNR moose research and management plan for the animal, as mandated by the State Legislature.

The plan is being developed in recognition of the fact that northwestern Minnesota’s moose population has declined from several thousand to less than 100 animals, and  in light of recent evidence that northeastern Minnesota’s moose population may also be declining.

According to a DNR press release, the committee agreed that climate change is a long-term threat to moose in Minnesota, but the animal will likely persist for the next several decades. The committee did suggest, however, that active monitoring and research will be essential in the meantime to better understand changes in the population. Committee members also recommended leaving the moose hunting season intact but favored active management of the state’s deer population, which often carries disease to which moose are susceptible.

Minnesota Public Radio covered the story in detail, HERE.

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