New Film: Sled Dogs to St. Paul

One of Frank Moe's sled dogs. Photo from www.sleddogstostpaul.com

When former Minnesota State Representative Frank Moe mushed his team of sled dogs into St. Paul last winter, the runners on his sled sparked as they crossed snowless patches on the road. Moe and his team of 10 sled dogs carried 13,000 signatures on a petition against sulfide mining–they’d ridden all the way from Grand Marais.

That journey has been captured in a film called “Sled Dogs to St. Paul: The Race to Clean Water.” It premiered across the state this month, in the Twin Cities, Duluth and Grand Marais. The goal is to raise awareness about the impacts of sulfide mining.

As the filmmakers follow Moe’s journey–sometimes mushing across muddy farm fields and sometimes slush and rain–they also interview people who have a stake in the expansion of sulfide mining. They introduce the audience to  business owners, property owners, legislators, wild ricers, tribal officials, and community activists.

You can watch the trailer HERE. The film’s web site, Sled Dogs to St. Paul, has more information on screenings, and you can also read a Minnesota Daily article HERE. The film is also accepting donations for the continued promotion of Moe’s story.

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