PolyMet Won’t Produce Copper Metal

PolyMet Mining’s plan to mine and mill copper, nickel, and precious metals near Babbitt, MN won’t result in production of finished copper metal on-site, the company announced in a change of plans yesterday.

The Duluth News Tribune reports on the story HERE.

PolyMet originally intended to produce finished copper metal at the plant, along with nickel-cobalt hydroxide and precious metal precipitate products. Instead, the operation now intends to produce a high-grade copper concentrate along with the other products.

The company expects the move to save $127-million in equipment costs. The change also means a reduction in the number of employees required for the operation by 40 workers. Originally, the mining and milling operation was expected to cost roughly $600-million and employ 400 workers.

The change is also expected to reduce emission and waste products for the project which is currently undergoing its second environmental review.

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