Quetico Superior Foundation Formally Opposes Namakan River Dam

qsfJim Wyman, president of the Quetico Superior Foundation, recently released this statement regarding the Quetico Superior Foundation’s decision to take a formal position on the proposed dam at High Falls on the Namakan Dam.

On June 5th, 2009 the Board of the Quetico Superior Foundation voted to formally oppose the proposed dam at High Falls on the Namakan River. The Quetico Superior Foundation has always attempted to understand and report all sides of an issue in the region. In some cases, we do find it necessary to take a formal position. In coming to this decision the Board reviewed all available data, and we chose to oppose this project only after fully discussing the data at our most recent meeting. We agree with a number of other organizations and individuals in opposing this project because we feel that permanently altering the Namakan River would effect spawning cycles of the lake sturgeon in the area. We also believe that the relatively small amount of power that would be generated does not justify the irreversible impact to the river.

– Jim Wyman, Quetico Superior Foundation

Wilderness News previously reported on the dam HERE and in the Spring 2008 print edition HERE.

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