WATCH: Ice, Wind, and Water on Lake Superior

The delicate yet powerful forces of Minnesota’s North Shore were recently captured  on video by a Duluth-based photographer. Dawn LaPointe recorded thin sheets of ice colliding and piling up on each other as the wind blew into shore.

“Four hours of 12-15 mph steady winds from the SW led up to the movement of the large sheets of ice on Lake Superior,” LaPointe said. “The conditions during the two hours of filming ranged from -8°F to +3°F air temp (-20°F to -8°F windchill) with winds 5-10 mph from the SW. The ice thickness being stacked on shore ranged from about 1/4″ thick to about 3″ thick.”

The video has been watched by millions of people around the world since it was recorded and posted on Feb. 13. It has now been featured on the Weather Channel’s popular homepage, and was the top trending story on Facebook.

Dawn and her husband Gary Fiedler own operate Radiant Spirit Gallery in Duluth. Fiedler made headlines of his own in 2014, when he emerged from a seven-month canoe trip in the Boundary Waters. The photographers said they were “grateful that this beautiful winter experience is being enjoyed around the globe.”

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