Wolf Commnet Period Re-Opened

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is re-opening the comment period on its proposal to remove endangered species protection from gray wolves in the western Great Lakes states.

Saying it had “received significant comments from states and other stakeholders concerning North American wolf taxonomy,” the USFWS will allow public comments until September 26. The comment period was originally open from May 5 until July 5 of this year.

The agency says it is seeking all information, data, and comments from the public with respect to any new information relevant to the taxonomy of wolves in North America. Some scientists and wolf advocates contend that the Great Lakes region hosts two separate species of wolves: gray wolves and eastern timber wolves.

Detailed information on the re-opening of the comment period can be found HERE.

The USFWS information page on gray wolves in the western Great Lakes’ states can be found HERE.

The decision on whether or not wolves will be removed from the Endangered Species List is still expected by the end of the year.

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