Nominate Special Places for National Geographic Guide to the Heart of the Continent Region

Heart of the Continent region (Map courtesy HOCP)

The cross-border Heart of the Continent Partnership is seeking submissions for a new map and interactive website that is part of its geotourism initiative. The public is invited to nominate places, events, activities and other resources that define the region.

The coalition is working with National Geographic to build an interactive website and mobile app to help people explore the region while sustaining jobs and economic development. The project seeks to ensure sustainability of the ecosystem and local communities.

“Participation by local residents is critical to the project’s success,” said Frank Jewell, Steering Committee Chair, in a news release. “Our goal is to get nominations from across the region that identify the things people love best, those ‘must see’ places that might range from an incredibly beautiful hike to a historic downtown with exceptional galleries and restaurants.”

National Geographic has previously produced such “Geotourism MapGuides” for famous landscapes throughout the United States, including the “Crown of the Continent” (located in Alberta, British Columbia, and Montana).

Tell your story

Nominations may be made through June 15, 2014 at They will then be reviewed by a committee of people involved in “community leadership, historic preservation, natural resources, public lands management, indigenous peoples, traditional and local arts, agriculture, tourism promotion and local businesses.” That group will send nominations to National Geographic, which will make final decisions about what to include on the map.

The website will be available this fall or winter.

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