Special Issue: Fire in the BWCAW

The Fall-Winter 2011 Issue of Wilderness News Print Edition is now online:
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Featured in This Issue:

The Pagami Creek Fire-Fire in the BWCAW

We follow the naturally-occurring wildfire that burned over 100,000 acres in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness this year. With interviews, revealing photos, and maps showing the fire progression, we look at how the fire started, grew, and the response and containment efforts.


Abandon Camp!

Larry and Norma Christianson were amongst the many canoeists caught in the fire zone the week of September 12 when the Pagami Creek fire erupted into a massive blaze. They share a personal view from inside the fire, and thoughts on what the future might hold for the place they love to paddle.

The 1999 Blowdown and Forest Management Practices Impacts the Pagami Creek Fire

How have forest management practices prior to and since the 1999 storm event in the Boundary Waters set the stage for this massive fire? Could more have been done to prevent widespread fire, or is this an example of nature returning balance to a system that has been neglected too long?


Photo Gallery – Inside the Pagami Creek Fire




Click here to download the PDF>

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