What will it take to get you outdoors?

In a recent article for the Star Tribune, writer Tori McCormick sums it up:

“What will it take to get you outdoors and into nature? Can you be persuaded, either through a special event or an engaging social-media campaign, to visit a state or national park or hike a trail at a national wildlife refuge? Will you go if it’s free?”

We fear that for many, the answer isn’t a resounding yes. So how do we attract new people to the outdoors and into our parks, reserves, and wilderness areas? How do we encourage young families to experience nature together? Local and national agencies, non profit groups and visitor’s bureaus across the Quetico-Superior region are coming up with creative ideas, and its working. The Star Tribune cites that Minnesota State Parks are reporting increased visitors, with permit sales up 36% in 2015 and Wilderness News reported visitors to Quetico Park up 20%.

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Image courtesy Voyageurs National Park Association http://voyageurs.org/
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