Icy Wonderland

“I could hear the ice shattering like panes of glass as it came ashore… One moment you can see an endless expanse of skim ice and with a shift of the wind it can be gone, waves lapping the shoreline – sculpting ice as far as the eye can see.”

Moose Benjamin Olson

Encounters with moose

“Moose draw Minnesotans like a magnet. If they call you as they do me, the solution is simple: understand the basic needs of moose, dedicate the time, and you will find them.”

For the Love of Loons

“As twilight descended and the fire settled to glowing embers, the stillness of the night was shattered by the unmistakable tremolo of the common loon. Within moments, loons from other territories and adjacent lakes began to respond, and the air came to life with the reverberating echo that we long to hear…”

Showy Lady's Slipper by Ben Olson

Orchids of the Northwoods – Lady’s Slippers and beyond

“It all began by happenstance…The trail was overgrown, littered with fallen boles, when I noticed a glimmering iridescence unlike anything I had seen before. I had stumbled upon on one of Minnesota’s most common orchid species, the stemless (pink) lady’s slipper, glimmering with rain drops…”

An Obsession with Owls

Photojournalist Ben Olson is fascinated by the owls of northern Minnesota. “While having spent countless hours in the company of these birds of prey, I am always impressed by their ability of silent flight and mastery of camouflage. Boreal forests host an array of different owl species, some relatively common, others rare, and a single transient species that is highly coveted…”  

Ghosts of the Northwoods

Photojournalist Ben Olson shares his trek to find Minnesota’s elusive lynx. “My obsession with Canada lynx stems from a series of unexpected events and chance encounters…”