Cut in Moose Hunting Permits Likely

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources officials are likely to cut the number of moose hunting permits in half next fall due to the continued decline in the population of moose in northeastern Minnesota.

Minnesota Public Radio has the story HERE.

The anticipated reduction in moose hunting permits comes in response to results of the latest moose population survey, which counted the moose numbers in the region at 4,900 animals, down from 7,800 just two years ago.

Last year, the DNR issued 212 moose hunting permits, all for male moose. In all, 109 moose where taken by hunters in 2010.

The causes of moose mortality are not well understood. Among factors possibly causing the decline are chronic stress related to warmer summer and winter temperatures and lethal effects of parasites transmitted by white-tailed deer such as brainworm and liver flukes.

Currently, a multi-year, GPS-based study of moose in northeastern Minnesota is being conducted by the National Park Service, the US. Geological Survey, and the University of Minnesota – Duluth’s Natural Resources Research Institute.

Find details of that research HERE.

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