Just How Late Will Ice-out Be?

Spring comes late to Slim Lake, but record late? Photo courtesy of Uncommonseminars.com

The stubborn winter of 2013 seems to be baffling scientists and old-timers alike, but just how late will this year’s Quetico-Superior’s ice-out be? Following an extremely early ice-out in 2012 might make this year just seem late, but no. With paddling forum entries reporting ice still as much as three feet thick on Boundary Waters’ lakes, this year could absolutely challenge some old records.

Historical records (courtesy of Minnesota Climatology Group):

Fall Lake: average ice-out April 27; earliest ice-out March 27, 2012; latest ice-out May 19, 1950; years of data 62

Saganaga Lake: average ice-out May 3; earliest ice-out April 2, 2012; latest ice-out May 16, 1996; years of data 22

Lake Vermilion: average ice-out April 29; earliest ice-out April 2, 2012; latest ice-out May 23, 1950; years of data 93





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