Longtime Sawbill Resident and Wilderness Advocate Bill Hansen YouTubes Two Lynx

Bill Hansen, whose parents began Sawbill Canoe Outfitters in 1957 and who has built his outfitting business into one of the most respected in the BWCAW, had the pleasure of spotting two conversing lynx last week while driving down the Sawbill Trail. Lynx are seclusive but iconic predators of the boreal forest and rarely seen in the Quetico Superior. Quick thinking Hansen had the resourcefulness to pull out his smart phone and video the encounter. It is an amazing clip and the caterwauling lynx epitomize wild nature. Toward the end of the video viewers can observe the unusual gait of this astonishing creature. Lynx populations are linked to the population cycles of the snowshoe hare. In recent years, canoeists have reported seeing many snowshoe hares in the vicinity of Sawbill Lake and that may explain this unusual sighting. Thanks to Hansen for putting the video on the web and giving fans of the Boundary Waters a rare look and a hope for a similar real life encounter on their travels in the Quetico Superior.

You can watch the clip HERE: Lynx Video on YouTube

Canada Lynx courtesy of Wikipedia

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