Man Fined for Snowmobiling in Quetico Park

Photo by Andy Arthur, via Flickr
Photo by Andy Arthur, via Flickr

A Canadian man has been fined $1,600 Canadian ($1,250US) for driving a snowmobile in Quetico Provincial Park, the canoe country wilderness area in northwest Ontario.

On February 26 of this year, conservation officers patrolling the boundaries of Quetico followed fresh snowmobile from wilderness lakes to a cabin outside the park. While, the occupants claimed they had not left the cabin all day, an investigation discovered that Victor Ischkin had ridden his snowmobile into the park.

Three months later, Ischkin pleaded guilty to operating a snowmobile in a wilderness-class provincial park and lying about it to a conservation officer. He was fined $800 for each offense.

Motors have been banned in Quetico Provincial Park since 1979.

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