Study Will Examine Water Quality in Rainy River Watershed

Rainy Lake
Rainy Lake (Photo by Jeff Kantor, via Wikipedia)

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has begun a 10-year effort to protect and restore water in an area covering much of the Quetico-Superior region.

The study will involve scientists from many public agencies “collecting water, sediment, biological and fish data to help better understand what factors are influencing water quality and the aquatic plants and animals dependent upon it,” according to a news release.

A public meeting was held at the Gunflint Lodge on June 19th to provide information and seek volunteers for monitoring and other efforts.

The Rainy River watershed covers 1.9 million acres, including 3,531 lakes totalling 267,654 and wetlands totalling another 362,218 acres. The total watershed population is 6,784 (fewer than three people per square mile).

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