Wilderness News Spring 2005

wnewsspring2005The Spring 2005 issue of Wilderness News is online and in the mail. Download a PDF here >







paleo-artifact-mnEvidence Suggests Humans Inhabited the Superior Quetico Region 10,000 Years Ago

Northeastern Minnesota today is a cultural landscape, a rich land that has been owned, mined, plowed, and clear-cut of timber. It is a land that has been continually molded by history and constantly reminds us in a clear voice of its past. Place names remind us of both its Native American heritage and the more recent European expansion, pictographs stand witness to the ancient inhabitants of this region. MORE >

superiorhikingtrailmapSuperior Hiking Trail

Not unlike a hiker finishing a long walk, those responsible for building the Superior Hiking Trail from Duluth to the Canadian border, are pacing themselves toward completion of Minnesota’s award-winning hiking trail by 2010. MORE >


owl-teatonInvasion of the Great Gray Owls

In the fall and winter of 2004-2005, Great Gray Owls moved into northern Minnesota in unprecedented numbers. By the end of the winter season, nearly 4,000 observations had been reported to the Minnesota Ornithologists’ Union. MORE >

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