Young creators know their fish, inspire others to go fishing, combat invasive species

All images and attributions via Wildlife Forever.

A fish art contest sponsored by Wildlife Forever invites K-12 students to learn about fish, fishing, and the threats of Aquatic Invasive Species in their region and around the world. The 2020 contest received over 5,000 submissions from 47 states and 32 countries, and features special awards for creative writing, the ‘Art of Conservation’ and illustrating aquatic invaders. Selected artworks from the 2020 winners featured here include just a few species of concern in the border lakes region of Minnesota, Ontario, and Lake Superior. View more 2020 winners >

To enter, artists research and create an original illustration of a fish from a list of species. Students in fourth grade and above also submit creative writing on the behavior, habitat or conservation needs of their species. The program also includes classroom materials for teachers that connects art, science, creative writing and awareness about invasives. The deadline for the 2021 contest is March 31, 2021 and its free to enter.

Sponsors include the USDA Forest Service and many state and national conservation organizations. The Wildlife Forever Clean Drain Dry program educates outdoor recreation users across the country about preventing the spread of invasive species and partners with local groups to provide waterless cleaning stations at boat landings. Partnerships with the St. Louis River Alliance in Duluth and St. Louis County are part of the effort to combat Aquatic Invasive Species in the Quetico-Superior region.


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