Invasive plant species encroach on canoe country

Scientists, citizens, land managers, and others track sightings of non-native plant species in a joint database. The near real-time sharing of observations can help prevent the spread and manage infestations.

Tail End of the Greenwood Fire September 20, 2021 - Photo Credit Val Cervenka

Boundary Waters Wildfires 2021

Superior Hiking Trail closed, Boundary Waters closed due to fires. Updated maps, photos from fires in Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and Superior National Forest as official information is available. Greenwood Fire grows, Moose Lake Fire detected…

Icy Wonderland

“I could hear the ice shattering like panes of glass as it came ashore… One moment you can see an endless expanse of skim ice and with a shift of the wind it can be gone, waves lapping the shoreline – sculpting ice as far as the eye can see.”

A Night on Birch Lake

Birch Lake near the Boundary Waters offers a serene northwoods camping experience apart from busy state parks, with lake vistas and abundant opportunities for fishing.

Showy Lady's Slipper by Ben Olson

Orchids of the Northwoods – Lady’s Slippers and beyond

“It all began by happenstance…The trail was overgrown, littered with fallen boles, when I noticed a glimmering iridescence unlike anything I had seen before. I had stumbled upon on one of Minnesota’s most common orchid species, the stemless (pink) lady’s slipper, glimmering with rain drops…”

Ghosts of the Northwoods

Photojournalist Ben Olson shares his trek to find Minnesota’s elusive lynx. “My obsession with Canada lynx stems from a series of unexpected events and chance encounters…”