Warming Water and Invasive Species Changing the Character of Quetico-Superior Lakes

The Lake Superior summer water temperatures are increasing more rapidly than regional air temperatures.  According to an article in the Ely Timberjay, the surface water temperatures of Lake Superior increased approximately 6 degrees F between 1979 and 2006. This is significantly greater than regional atmospheric warming. How this change will impact biodiversity and the proliferation of invasive species remains unclear, but according to scientist Dr. Euan Reavie, as quoted in the Timberjay, the impact is likely to be dramatic. Other lakes in the region are also experiencing effects of warmer summer water temperatures. These include more frequent and larger blue-green algae blooms in Lake of the Woods. On March 13-14 the tenth annual Water Quality Forum is being convened in  International Falls. Participants will discuss these and other water quality issues from a scientific perspective.


Lake of the Woods photo courtesy of uncommonseminars.com

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