Wilderness News Print Edition Summer 2010


The Summer 2010 Issue of Wilderness News Print Edition is now online!
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Featured in this issue:

Hub’s Place on Basswood Lake, circa 1940. Historical photos courtesy Bill Hubachek.

Hub’s Place—The Wilderness Research Center
By Rob Kesselring
We should never forget that the protected space we now call the Quetico-Superior region came to pass because of the tenacious and collaborative efforts of a spectrum of individuals: people like Frank Hubachek. With his life’s work he helped to establish the wilderness areas, and now his legacy lives on at  the Wilderness Research Center on Basswood Lake. Read the Article >

From the Editor Wilderness News—Survey Results
The 2010 Spring issue of Wilderness News carried with it a questionnaire reply card surveying our readers with six questions pertaining to interests, age demographics, delivery systems, and desire to support the publication. We are grateful to the near 7% of our readers who answered the survey. If however, you did not receive a survey card, or misplaced yours, there is still time to respond. Your response matters to us and will be tallied into the final count. Check out the current Survey Results Summary >

Prairie Border Savanna. Photo by Layne Kennedy

The Changing Forest of the Quetico-Superior Region
By Rob Kesselring
Esteemed scientist Dr. Lee Frelich spoke to a gathering of the Heart of the Continent Partnership in April 2010. He presented compelling evidence that, as a direct result of climate change, the BWCAW and Quetico Provincial Park will soon transform from a southern boreal forest biome to savanna. Frelich believes the only questions are:  What will the savanna will look like? How many decades will it take?  Read the Article >

northcountrynationalscenictrailNorth Country National Scenic Trail to Cross the BWCAW
By Matthew Davis
The National Park Service and North Country Trail Association (NCTA) are trying to obtain passage of legislation in Congress that would enact the “Arrowhead Re-route”– a proposal to route the nation’s longest hiking trail through the BWCA Wilderness. Read the Article >


Mining Update
By Charlie Mahler
Efforts to develop mines in the geologically rich area just south of the Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness are slowly moving forward as industry proponents highlight the jobs and needed resources the enterprises would provide and as environmental advocates express concern over water quality and the natural character of the Quetico-Superior region.
Read the Article >

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