Wilderness News Summer 2008


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globalwarmingbwca-laynekennedyTransformation of a Landscape – What Global Warming Could Mean for the Boundary Waters

Mention canoe country to any canoeist familiar with the Quetico Superior region, and an array of sights, sounds and smells spring to mind: the bow of a canoe cutting across a calm northern lake; the jagged relief of pine trees silhouetted against an evening sky; the curled bark of a birch tree; the aroma of pine duff warming in the summer sun. MORE >

­­misty-queticosuperiorA Perspective on the 100th Anniversary of the Quetico Superior Region

If the entire human history of North America was compressed into one year, a century would be the equivalent of a single day. Geologic time is even more absurd; a century would be just a blink of an eye. Even so, if the rocks of the Quetico Superior Region could talk they would remark that the last hundred years have been a memorable blink. MORE >


bwcameteorite-sudburyimpactEvidence of Meteorite Impact Found off the Gunflint Trail

In the Gunflint Trail region, which has seen its share of calamity in recent years in the form of blow-downs and forest fires, geologist Mark Jirsa thinks he has found evidence of a catastrophe so massive that the natural disasters we know today appear miniscule in comparison. MORE >


Geri-Schrab-artArtist in Residence at Quetico Provincial Park

In August of 2007 watercolor artist Geri Schrab spent two weeks living her passion in Quetico Provincial Park as part of the new Artist in Residence program. Schrab was the second artist to participate in the park program, which received assistance from individual members of the Quetico Foundation who made personal contributions. MORE >


queticoandbeyond-bookcoverBook Review: A Paddler’s Guide to Quetico and Beyond

Reviewed by George Boody – Kevin Callan’s most recent book weaves entertaining yarns about famous routes in Quetico Provincial Park and other Ontario parks to the north and northwest. Callan is obviously an experienced tripper who easily engages people he meets to gather facts and stories. MORE >


Gunflint Green Up Commemorates the Ham Lake Fire

The day of the Gunflint Green Up dawned bright and cold, with three inches of fresh snow blanketing the ground. Spring snow certainly isn’t unheard of in canoe country, but it could have put a damper on the May 3rd tree planting. According to event organizer Nancy Seaton of Hungry Jack Outfitters, the snow seemed to energize participants. Over 450 volunteers descended upon the Gunflint Trail to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the 2007 Ham Lake Fire that burned 75,000 acres of Superior National Forest and Ontario. They came from as far away as the Twin Cities and even Missouri to plant red and white pine seedlings and “green up” the Gunflint Trail. MORE >


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