Protecting Gateways to Wilderness Areas

The Minnesota Land Trust uses conservation easements to protect tracts in three high-visibility lakes of canoe country. The Minnesota Land Trust, with funding from the Quetico Superior Foundation, has completed three …


Q&A with the Forest Service

Results of the prescribed burn that took place on Three Mile Island last September. With the completion last September of the Magnetic Lake and Three Mile Island prescribed burns, the Forest …


Preserving Wild Country Along the Pigeon River

The Nature Conservancy of Minnesota is making two land purchases that will help preserve the scenery, history and unusual ecosystem of the Pigeon River border area between Minnesota and Ontario.

Rare Species Watch: The Three-Toed Woodpecker

The 1999 blowdown in the BWCAW damaged many acres of undisturbed boreal forest, destroying the nesting habitats for
many species of birds. The Three-toed Woodpecker, (Picoides tridactylus) however, is benefiting from this disturbance twofold. Their preferred habitat is disturbed areas within coniferous forests, but recentlyburned conifers are an added attraction. Damaged conifers become home to many insects, and this abundant food source attracts Three-toed Woodpeckers.

Learning From the Quetico Burns

Our Summer, 2000 issue reported the plan for controlled burns to be administered in Quetico Provincial Park in the fall of 2000. The results of the burns at Polaris, Knife, and …


Prescribed Burns Begin in and Near BWCA

A total of 1,000 acres underwent prescribed burns this fall, 360 of which were within the BWCA. Plans called for burning more than 4,000 BWCA acres this year, and all areas not completed are now on hold until 2002. These include top-priority sections totaling 5,200 acres in the Magnetic Lake and Kekekabic Lake areas, as well as 300 acres near Dogleg Lake.