Fry Fire now 100% contained

May 19 Update:

All images courtesy USDA Superior National Forest.

Size: (reduced: 186 acres (49 acres prescribed fire and 137 acres wildfire)

Status: 100% Contained

The USDA Forest Service declared the fire completely contained. Crews completed their work and feel confident that the edge of the fire will not move. The fire size was reduced due to more accurate mapping being completed by crews on the fire. They report no immediate threat to private property or structures and the fire is not active.

May 17 Update:

Size: 265 acres (56 acres prescribed fire and 209 acres wildfire)

Status: 75% Contained

On May 15, a prescribed burn was carried out in Superior National Forest, just south of the BWCA. 72 acres were planned to be burned, north of MN Highway 1 near Little Isabella River and Fish Fry Lake. The Fry Fire was declared a wildfire when a spot fire ignited beyond the planned burn area.

Water dropping aircraft were called in to suppress the fire and were effective, ground crews have been working to contain. Weather conditions are favorable with humidity and light rain assisting suppression efforts.

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