Saving Minnesota’s Conifers

Minnesota’s iconic pine-studded northern forests are at risk and the habitat for conifer-dependent birds and animals is in decline. Crews and volunteers are responding by planting thousands of trees…  

St. Louis County Mulls Deer Stand Options

St. Louis County commissioners and land managers are considering options to stop deer hunters from building elaborate stands and clearing trees on county land.

Inside the Pagami Creek Fire

A couple of boundary waters paddlers found themselves on Lake Insula on Sept 12 when the Pagami Creek Fire took off – this video shows them caught off guard by the …


Easement Conserves 76,000 Forest Acres

A conservation easement agreement will keep some 76,000 acres of northern Minnesota forest protected for sustainable forestry, wildlife habitat, and recreation, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources announced yesterday.

“Savannification” Still Expected in North Woods

University of Minnesota forest ecologist Lee Frelich continues to foresee a transition from forest to savanna taking place at the margins of Minnesota’s north woods. Newly published research suggests that within the century, the climate and ancillary factors will make significant changes to the state’s prairie/forest border.

Bad Economy Slowing Timber Sales

Timber put up for sale by public landowners is often going unsold to loggers who find themselves with reduced opportunities to sell cut wood due to the depressed market for new homes and the closure of some northern Minnesota wood mills.

More Spraying for Gypsy Moths

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is continuing it’s aerial spraying efforts to stop the spread of invasive gypsy moths in northeastern Minnesota.

Gypsy Moths Sprayed on North Shore

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has sprayed pesticide this week along the North Shore to slow the spread of invasive gypsy moths. The agency applied BTK via aircraft near Tofte and Lutsen.